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Neuropsychology Assessment

Neuropsychology is the science of brain-behaviour relationships. A clinical neuropsychologist assesses cognitive and behavioural outcomes of neurological injury or disease and provides rehabilitation to optimise functioning and improve mental health. 

Clinical assessments

I offer screening and comprehensive neuropsychology assessments in adults and children with neurological disease, traumatic brain injury and cognitive difficulties.  

Neuropsychology assessments help to:

- Determine the presence, nature and severity of dysfunction

- Provide a baseline profile of cognition to monitor change over time and in response to treatment

- Inform rehabilitation strategies to optimise functioning in work and learning environments  

An assessment involves two primary elements, a clinical interview and a testing session. An assessment lasts between two and four hours. Ahead of an appointment you may be asked to provide medical reports. A comprehensive report of findings and recommendations will be shared with you. 

Special areas of interest

-  Epilepsy

-  Non epileptic seizure disorder (NES)

-  Parkinson's Disease (PD)

-  Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

-  Attention and memory disorders

-  Mood disorders

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